Thursday, April 20, 2006

David J's Cabaret Oscuro played with the Dresden Dolls April 18 in San Diego. Not able to jet off to SoCal after blowing my cash and vacation time on Nihon, and on two tickets to Bauhaus in July, I was unable to attend. But a Bauhaus fan down south was able to go, and gave this fantastic account of the show.

Looks like another J fan has been born!


... and kneels down before his cellist to perform fellatio on her instrument.

It's true! I never imagined I would see David J so animated. Whoever mentioned there would be feathers and glitter flying was right. So, I'll try to do my best at describing last night, since I'm not very familiar with David J's solo/side-project stuff (yet). There were two opening acts prior to the Dresden Dolls set, and a band named Reverend Glasseye went on first. I was standing off to the left side of the stage (near the stage door) when I first noticed David hanging out listening to the last song of Reverend Glasseye's set. DD's drummer joined them, sang and played guitar for some sort of vocal harmony country-like song.

Then Cabaret Oscuro went on stage. David (vocals only throughout the whole set), his cellist Joyce Rooks, and a man on piano keyboards. I didn't catch the name of the keyboardist. Sorry, I'll look it up later. They were all dressed in tailored suits. Very classy. David wore a white feather boa, white specs, white shirt, white shoes w/ a black suit. Their music was interesting, and I think it fit well w/ DD's set. Similar clanky piano's which gave it that "cabaret" feeling... the piano and cello had a definite purpose though, as David tried to paint a picture for us and describe scenes (ie: red light district, Berlin, etc.). One of the songs had him singing line upon line auf Deutsch. Sehr gut!

He would play with his boa often, wrapping it around his waist, or flapping it like a bird about to take flight. He had a huge inflatable mic at one point that he claimed was given to him by Ms. Rooks. AND yes, he did kneel in front of the cellist in mock bj fashion. Unfortunately, I wasn't standing at an angle where I could get this shot, but I caught him on his knees shortly after. I'll post pics (warning: they're not great) when I get a chance.

And contrary to popular belief, the man does sweat. He had to take off his jacket and undo 3 shirt buttons. He used a red hanky to dab the dew off his brow, and also used the hanky as a prop he placed against his chest to simulate a heart beat. For the final song, he brought out someone to play the saw. Literally a saw played w/ a violin bow. Nice sound, almost theremin-like. The gentleman playing the saw was introduced as Paul Jenkins from Black Heart Procession, and wonder of wonders, I had gone to high school with this guy! This night was getting more and more interesting.

Before they left the stage, glitter was thrown and David clawed at the low hanging wood beams. He was pumped!

After their set, my friend and I were later able to catch up with Paul and yammer on about the old days in high school and what he's up to now. He asked if we were there to see the dresden dolls. I said no, I was there to see David J. Paul asked if I'd like him to get his autograph. I said ok. He went backstage and came back mentioning we could go back there with him. So I met David J.

When we walked into the tiny back room, David was sitting in the far corner w/ a large sketch book on his lap, flipping through pages and pages of drawings. It turns out they are the sketches for the next dresden dolls video, which I suppose will be a short animated film...

David's such a sweet guy for putting up w/ gushing fans; although, I wasn't able to say much, as I was in too much shock. And my new hero who made it all happen, Mr. Paul Jenkins. Paul, you're precious. Thanks again for everything. And a big thanks to David J, who remembered my name later on that night when I asked him to sign my newly acquired CabOs cd.

Wonderful performance. Some would even say it was "magick"!


I don't know if I'll ever get tired reading about David using a red hanky to simulate a heartbeat. The man is an exquisite storyteller, with a knack for taking the simple and transforming it into something absolutely breathtaking.


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Mr. J the Hottest has bought a new boa))) how I love this man with kind eyes!;))

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