Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today I read two profiles of designers back to back -- designers who I think are setting the innovation bar in their respective fields.


Hipstamatic founders Lucas Buick, Ryan Dorshorst

The founders of Hipstamatic, two 29-year-old Wisconsinites with graphic design degrees, have brought quirky, stylish flair to the Web without connections to venture capitalists or Silicon Valley insiders. With $1.83 in their corporate account, they started a company that - unlike many tech enterprises - was profitable from the day it launched.

As you can tell from my blog, I LOVE this app (John S lens and Kodot film 4EVA!). I love seeing people doing what they love. I didn't know they have a San Francisco office; I have a feeling I might also love to work there.


She is the creative director for the fashion house of Alexander McQueen - a lofty and high-pressure position - but Sarah Burton is no attitudinal diva...Burton was [in San Francisco] to receive an honorary doctorate from the [San Francisco Academy of Art] and to award internships to students after perusing their portfolios and watching the runway show, a highlight of the academic year for 400 guests in the audience - students and local fashionistas alike.

Longtime readers of sine qua non know that while I cannot afford McQueen, I covet it for its fierce and fearless pieces and its tendency to make classics pop in unexpected ways. I agree with Burton when she mentions that McQueen is timeless. This profile was way too short, but still a nice little glimpse of the woman who went from intern to creative director of one of the most ground-breaking fashion houses in the world.

It is so inspiring to see people do what they love, make good work, and keep their heads. Respect.

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Adam Yauch, founding member of the Beastie Boys, died today at 47.

Shocked and sad, though remembering the kind of playful spirit he contributed to the Beastie Boys -- like the image above from 'Sabotage' -- may be just what he would want instead of melancholy.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012