Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I will soon (Thursday!) be on holiday in Japan (can't wait can't wait can't wait), away from work and bills and all of those things that can sometimes make life suck. But for all you folks who will still have your noses to the grindstone, here's some fun stuff to help counteract work boredom, just a bit...

Palin as President

You'll laugh, and then you'll cry. Happy hunting!

Also, I read today about Midori-san, the blogging houseplant.

BTW, sometimes I love dry, passive-aggessive British wit. "The world's highest profile blogging houseplant." LOL!

Apparently, you can interact with Midori-san in real time, by giving the plant a dose of fluorescent light. Go to this page, scroll down and click on the widget with the date and time ticker, enter your name, and then click "OK." You will be shown a real time video clip of Midori-san in the cafe, getting a dose of the light you granted. You will also get mention in Midori-san's blog.

I linked to the English translation of the blog, because it reads like a poetry reading I was imprisoned and tortured by attended years ago in San Francisco. Read it in your "poetry voice" -- hours of fun!

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