Thursday, September 18, 2008

Existing hand in hand with my love of cooking is an obsession with vintage kitchenware that is only slightly kept in check by our small kitchen. I particularly love Fiestaware, Le Creuset's enamelware and ceramics, old 6, 8, and 10 ounce beer glasses, and especially little vintage dishes of all sorts -- mostly ramekins, cheese plates, egg cups, and tiny casserole dishes.

But one of my biggest kitchenware obsessions is vintage Pyrex. Cheap and plentiful in many thrift stores, and both beautiful and functional, I often walk into a thrift shop and for just a few dollars come away with a nice piece for my use and display. I picked up 5 pieces just the other day; thus this post to show off my finds.

What spills from the kitchen cabinets thus far:

Nesting mixing bowls:

Primary color mixing bowls

Acid green baking dishes and itty-bitty bowl:

"Crazy Daisy" butter dish:

My favorites -- White on charcoal "black snowflake" divided serving dish and baking dish

Orange casserole:

Refrigerator dishes, AKA my tofu dishes:

"Terra" random odd little cup:

For further info, here are some excellent sites for Pyrex lovers: Pyrex Love and The Pyrex Files.

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Blogger Red Eyes said...

Great pics and links on here! Thank you. I love old vintage kitchenware and I'm also reading one of your favourite books, master and margarita, did you like it? I'll visit again.

September 20, 2008 at 5:39:00 AM PDT  

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