Saturday, June 21, 2008

If you're like me, and you 1) live in the US, where we routinely send banned beef bits to countries who outlaw those bits (nevermind what US consumers are getting in their ground beef), and yet you also 2) love dairy products, then be sure to check out the Dairy Report and Scorecard from the The Cornucopia Institute.

I've been avoiding "organic" behemoth Horizon for a while, but this clinches it (all emphasis mine):

Unlike the majority of all organic dairy farmers in the United States, who concentrate on the health and longevity of their cows, caring for them from birth, the Dean/Horizon Idaho farm sells off all their calves. Later, presumably to save money on organic feed and management, they buy one-year-old conventional animals on the open market. These replacements likely have received conventional milk replacer (made with blood—considered to be a "mad cow" risk), antibiotics, other prohibited pharmaceuticals, and genetically engineered feed. Many practices on a farm of this nature put ethical family-scale organic farmers at a competitive disadvantage.

Very helpful, and eye-opening, as well as a reminder that you don't get quality for nothing.



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