Friday, April 18, 2008

Look what we found in someone's trash!

Actually, look what Trevor found in someone's bulky trash pickup and talked me into bringing home. It reminded him of my old vintage Schwinn I had in college, and that I still miss terribly. He only wants me to be happy. :)

I was skeptical because it looked like it needed a lot of work, but I was heartened by the fact the brakes were still in good working order, the gearing was all Shimano, and the bike seemed like it was of Japanese origin. Trevor took it in to the lovely folks at Tip Top Bike Shop and they said they can get it up and running for less than what it costs for omakase for two.

It is somewhat of a mystery bike: I can't find any identifying marks on the frame, and judging only by the name on the seat (and its mad style), it could be made by Katakura, with what seems like stock parts (like a Nitto stem). It's definitely vintage, but what year or make I'm unsure. It says "Suntour" on the gearshifts but I haven't been able to find anything relating that name to a Katakura bicycle.

What I do know is that I love it, and I love my sweetie-pie.

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