Sunday, October 21, 2007

This kicked ass this last weekend!

Take a listen.

Also kicking the booty: seeing The Twins (squee!), Woody, and Kirstyn. Who would've thought our alma mater's Homecoming weekend (unbeknownst to us) would be so fruitful?

god how I miss good old-fashioned hardcore shows. The Bay Area is making me soft before my time! There was no feigned indifference or emo apathy or $10 whiskey shots here -- just pure skanking and moshing, beer and rawk!

I am getting old though. I hate feeling 18 inside but really feeling almost twice that when called to the mat. 3 beers and a few Shermans in and it was already pumpkin time for Cinderella. Boo.

NP: The Pogues, 'Turkish Song of the Damned' (RIP Joe Strummer and Kirsty MacColl)

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Blogger saudade said...

Not ONE person gave a shout out to seeing The Twins and Woody at the same time? Am I the only one who is still twelve years old? Sheesh, you people disappoint.

October 23, 2007 at 10:56:00 PM PDT  

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