Friday, February 14, 2014

(images from the Vintage Valentine Museum -- yes, that's a thing!)

I really do pine for those handwritten, pre-phone/Facebook/texting days when something like this was a real treat to give to, and receive from, someone special.

(what I'm also saying is that I could definitely be wooed by a gentleman bearing one of these 19th century calling cards *swoon*)

So, accordingly, I've spent the last hour or so online, trying to track down this vintage 1926 German mechanical valentine that my sweetie was only able to give to me electronically, in the hopes of purchasing it to be my forever precious, but it's been all for naught.

So, irony intact, I will be parking this here, on my blog. Maybe I'll even get it tattooed on my person someday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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