Tuesday, October 25, 2011


First, Eat All the Lawyers -- Why the Zombie Boom is Really About the Economic Fears of White-Collar Workers.

So true, and why even as I trudge wearily through the daily indignity of working in "Administration" I continue to keep up my skillz on the shooting range, as well as upping my oog threshold and getting my ag on by constantly picking fat, nasty worms off my homegrown kale. Oh, and I also work to keep up my cardio. Everyone knows cardio is numero uno in surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, timely, cute, but also sad and quite serious, read; however, forget the mere fear of the onset of obsoletism or feeling useless as a marketing executive in a literal flesh-eating zombie crisis -- we're already full swing into a walking dead crisis of the existential kind. After reading this, I was reminded of one of my posts from long ago that touched on the very real zombification through out of control consumption and the dulling of wonder -- two things that are brought on and exacerbated by white collar drudgery.

^^ Black Friday, (no) braaaaaiins...

In the 5 years since I wrote that post, these issues and the proliferation of zombie media have reached a tipping point as economies fail in a 21st century just beginning to assert itself. The rioting in Europe and the Middle East, the Occupy movements across the US protesting Wall Street's walking dead (who are always hungry for the meat of our livelihoods) and the reinvigoration of the minimalist and buy local movements -- are these likely to be mass crossbow bolts to a collective zombie noggin, or just a last stand by an exhausted populace constantly outmanned and undermined by the sheer number of both figurative zombies and the ones who have given up?

Where are we going, and who will we become along the way?

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