Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ooooh, a mashup of two of my favorite things!

Books That Inspired Fashion Designers

Some favorites from this series:

1) I need this sweater from Jaggy Nettle. For real. Gorgeous. A beautiful tribute to this cover of The Bell Jar (a fave of mine), which evokes the psychological state of Esther, the protagonist from the novel. Most impressive because it is not just singular inspiration, but a collaboration with an independent publishing house specializing in poetry in the UK, Faber and Faber. More of these types of collaborations please!

2) Love the simplicity and clean lines of Shipley and Halmos. Ayn Rand, not so much, but the pieces they've featured here, and the quote, are apt.

3) I'm also a fan of Margeurite Duras. Gaby Basora's Tucker does well in evoking The Lover for me.

This kind of stuff makes my day.

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