Friday, February 04, 2011

I don't usually go for semi-blondes, or super bros for that matter, but dammit Tom Hardy has been gunning as a contender for my man harem.

He was teh sex in Inception, will be Bane in the next installation of Batman (squee!), and will redefine Mad Max so the franchise is no longer fronted in our minds by a creepy misogynist racist (and he will look positively swoon-worthy kicking ass in leather). But I have high standards -- you cannot take a place in my imaginary tent in the desert alongside men like Jon Stewart simply because you ooze teh sexy.

And so the harem was to stay static. Until...

This article, where he's interviewed by Vincent Cassel about SLAPPING Paul Bettany on set (as to not mar his face -- a gentleman and consummate professional, this one) for talking mad shit about him.

Pretty much clinches it, non?

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