Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heads up holiday travelers...

...or anyone who is frustrated with what seems like ineffectual airport security screenings, or concerned with intrusions on their privacy.

Do I Have The Right To Refuse This Search?

I believe what we have here is the beginning of the end of complacency. It is now apparent to me that in the haste to ensure compliance with procedures that are inconsistent if not inarticulable, TSA has hastened the likelihood of failure. If we do not insist that TSA work to create articulable policies that make sense, procedures that are explicit and consistent and training that supports both, then we are complicit in what will inevitably be an ultimate compromise of TSA.

By virtue of even minimal experience with TSA screenings, that's something that I think most every traveler suspects, but this former Assistant Police Chief's personal experience with the clear lack of training -- as well as incompetence and lassitude around supervisory chain of responsibility -- when it comes to the actual screening of potential terrorist threats is absolutely, well, terrifying.

That compromise may come in the form of terrorist attack, or it may come in the form of a collapse of public support. Either or both are inevitable. Either or both are preventable.

Safe travels, keep your eyes open, and remember that the airport is not a Constitution-free zone!

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