Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not a fan of Dave Eggers, and as such am not usually one to pimp McSweeney's, but this:

Ann Randers

FYI, do you know how I got that third hand? I bought it from a child! Ho HO! He was easily tricked into selling me his hand for a nickel and a pious man’s drum! I have a baker’s dozen child-hands in my glove compartment!!!!



Friday, June 08, 2012

This guy.

Nathan Fillion Reveals Why He's Hooked on Books

Let me get this straight: he loves reading -- especially nerdy adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and comic books -- gives serious props to his English teacher mom, and was not only creepy priest on Buffy and Joey Buchanan on OLTL, but BOTH Captain Mal and Captain Hammer? This is a man who knows how to work his audience into a steamy mess. Hot damn.

If I didn't already have my handsome, smart, talented, and awesomely nerdy hubby, I would be all over this and moving to America's hat, stat.

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Tombstones From Long Ago Surfacing on S.F. Beach

Strong winds and shifting sands have uncovered an eerie reminder of San Francisco's past: discarded gravestones and broken tomb markers used decades ago to shore up the Ocean Beach seawall...Some were used as breakwaters. Pieces of others were used to line the gutters of Haight-Ashbury's Buena Vista Park. Some gravestones were used to build the seawall along the Great Highway. Large tombs and crypts were dumped into San Francisco Bay.

"Large tombs and crypts were dumped into the San Francisco Bay." OMG, can you imagine checking this out on the ocean floor? I so need to learn to scuba dive.

In the meantime, I hope to get out there and see the tombstones this weekend!

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